This is the DEFEND (DRI Employee Field trip Emergency Notification Delivery) System web site


This web site is used by DRI personnel to plan field trips and to register their safe arrival at each designated check point in the trip.

A trip group comprises at least two individuals:
Leader - One in the trip group will be assigned the role of a trip "Leader", who will be going on the trip.
Buddy - Another individual is the trip "Buddy", the "Buddy" will NOT be going on the trip.

A trip consist of series of defined trip segments which are entered into the system prior to the start of the trip. The expected arrival time at the end of each segment needs to be specified.

The system requires that the trip "Leader", or "Buddy", "checks-in" to indicate that the group has safely arrived at the destination specified at each segment.

If the system does not receive confirmation that a trip segment has been completed, an alarm is raised. The alarm consist of emailing the trip "Buddy" that the group has not reached the specified destination by the appointed time.

When the trip is being specified, the leader needs to specify an expected arrival time at a each destination, and whether that system will raise an alarm if the user fails to check-in. A segment needs to have the status of "Armed" if an alarm is to be raised". Some trip segments may not involve a check-in, and are marked with a status of "No Check-in". Once an "Armed" trip segment is checked-in, its status is marked as "Closed". If a trip leader knows they are not going to reach their destination before the designated arrival time, they can add a delay time before the alarm is raised.

Alarms take the form of e-mail messages. The system is polled hourly to see what e-mail messages need to be generated. A trip segment which is 1 hour late will result in an e-mail being sent to each trip leader. A trip segment which is 2 or 3 hours late will result in an e-mail being sent to each trip leader and each trip buddy. A trip segment which is 4 or 5 hours late will result in an e-mail being sent each trip leader, each buddy and the division directors for those on the trip. A trip which is more then 6 hours late will not result in any further e-mail messages being sent.

The trip can have more than one "Leader" or "Buddy". Other individuals in the trip group are referred to as trip "Members"s.